What Our Clients Say

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  • “Thank you again for the most enjoyable and highly informative introduction to China.   Your attention to detail and gracious hospitality has provided a bridge of knowledge and enlightenment for my journey. Many thanks as well to your distinguished colleagues.  Clearly they are valuable members of your team and were instrumental in helping me establish an enhanced knowledge of the Chinese culture.” Craig T. Ingram, Managing Director, Harris Bancorp BMO, Chicago, IL USA
  • « J’ai participé dans une mission de formation et de contacts en Chine pour les commissaires à l’exportation, du réseau RECOMEX, organisée par Dragonbridge. Nous avons bénéficié d’une formation préalable sur le protocole, les coutumes et la culture des affaires en Chine. Ensuite, la mission nous a permis de visiter les bureaux des gouvernements, des usines, des marchés, des parcs industriels etc.… et d’assister aux présentations d’experts en logistique, au niveau juridique, en approvisionnement, en négociation, en ressources humaines et dans d’autres disciplines d’une grande importance pour la bonne conduite des affaires en Chine. Nous avons été bien encadrés par le personnel professionnel de Dragonbridge au Canada et en Chine durant tout le processus. La mission nous a fourni des contacts en Chine et une foule d’apprentissages et de renseignements d’une grande utilité pour nos clients qui s’intéressent à ce grand pays si vaste et complexe. Enfin, je recommande les services de Dragonbridge Corporation à toute personne ou organisation désireuse d’entreprendre des démarches dans ce monde d’opportunités que représente la Chine d’aujourd’hui.  »       Éric Bégin, Directeur Exportation et Approvisionnement, Développement PME Chaudière-Appalaches, Saint-Romuald, QC Canada
  • “Dragonbridge combines training in China business essentials with hands-on facilitation for implementation of China strategies. Peter is a true specialist in doing business with China and has fascinating insights into the culture. My second trip to China was much more rewarding both in the business sense and in being able to embrace Chinese culture.  I highly recommend Dragonbridge for anyone working with China or exploring business possibilities in China looking for sound practical advice from experts in this domain.”  Seán C. Creaghan, VP Business Development, Project Management Practice, Petaluma CA USA
  • « Votre grande connaissance du marché asiatique – notamment chinois – m’a vivement impressionné. » Jean-Marc Pelletier,  Maire, Ville de Brossard, QC Canada
  • “Peter and his team did a great job…very worthwhile…I would recommend his company. Peter and his team have many good trainers, have programs that are useful and fun, did a nice job presenting information that participants found practical and helpful, were competent, dynamic, reliable, etc. If you or your team are doing business in China or plan on doing business in China, you should consider this program. It would be an important and worthwhile investment.” John “Mac” McAuliffe, Managing Director FX Options, BMO Capital Markets, Chicago IL USA
  • “I have known many consultants and trainers during my carrier and I consider Peter as one of the most skilled and brilliant experts in the field of international trade in general, and especially in the Chinese business environment. “ Issam Telahigue, Professor, International Business, Faculty of Management, UQAM Montreal, QC Canada
  • “Dragonbridge’s cultural training was extremely helpful in preparing me to deal with Chinese staff and clients. I found their list of behaviours to avoid especially useful and it saved me from many breaches in etiquette.  Dragonbridge’s personnel were well equipped to help me see why certain behaviours would be tolerated. I found their training has made me more successful in dealing with clients and staff in China.”       Lynn Kennedy, Managing Director, FX, BMO Capital Markets, Toronto ON Canada
  • “‘Mr. China’ – This is the best way to describe Peter. I met Peter for the first time with a group of Chinese business people. The first thing I noticed was his knowledge about the culture of this country. He is an experienced trainer and speaker about many different subjects regarding China. I recommend Dragonbridge for everybody who wants to do business in China or with China. “  Tony Hillebrandt, President, Blue Mill Export, Glimmen, Netherlands