Expat Prep

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Employees sent to work in other countries represent a significant investment for a company. It can be very costly when these employees or their families fail to integrate well into the other culture and to function effectively in it. Since the greatest source of failure in expatriations is spousal dissatisfaction, we insist that the spouse of the employee to be expatriated attend the training sessions – along with any adolescent or older children. This training ensures that the appropriate people are assigned to foreign locations and helps to minimize turnover, employee stress and other risks.

The training sessions start from an analysis of the cross cultural competencies of the participants to allow them to assess their own attitudes and abilities. The training continues with interactive sessions involving role-play, analysis of scenarios relative to their assignment and the target culture and assistance in dealing with situations that may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable for them. The purpose is to deal with the discomfort here so they do not need to face it on their own in a foreign country. Once an understanding of the target culture and its norms and expectations is achieved, we can also arrange for basic language training sessions as well.