Cross Cultural Skills for Business

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Cultural differences can be enriching and offer us fresh perspectives or they can lead to serious difficulties when the assumptions, beliefs and behaviors of one group clash with those of another. The right way to behave and to be effective in one culture may be the wrong or even counter-effective way in the other culture.

Dragonbridge provides consultation and training on issues that can arise in business travel and communications between different cultures. Training sessions are interactive and emphasize experiential learning through role-play and analysis of scenarios. This equips participants to function optimally with the other culture from the moment of their first contact. Many factors are discussed, such as:

  • Conducting business and entertaining with other cultures
  • Understanding cultural differences in negotiations
  • Adjusting to cultural differences in body language, personal space and non-verbal communications
  • Avoiding inappropriate gestures, questions or reactions in other cultures
  • Giving and receiving gifts and invitations in the appropriate manner
  • Various matters of protocol relative to situations the client will encounter, etc…

We help clients to first examine and understand their own mindset and values and then those of the target culture. Our clients gain a thorough understanding of the other’s mindset and behaviors based on all the influences (history, geography, religions and beliefs, customs, language, hierarchies, traditions, social relationships, etiquette and protocol). This ensures that your first contact is not your last, but rather a step towards an enduring and mutually beneficial relationship.