China Business Facilitation

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Our Expertise – Your Success

From their first contacts with China in Guangzhou in 1984, the founders of Dragonbridge Corporation have built an extensive network of expertise on the ground in China and in North America.

China has experienced impressive development over the last several decades, powered by liberalization of its economy and by the sustained growth of purchasing power.  Beyond outsourcing, many North American businesses have found attractive opportunities for exporting their products and their technology to China, investing in China and attracting Chinese investors.

Dragonbridge can bridge your business to China because our China specialists can help you access the best opportunities, manage the risks and navigate the system.

Growing Opportunities

Aside from the major centers of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing, China has 800 cities in  the second-third-fourth tier range, and this provides plenty of scope for expansion into China. The Chinese middle class currently numbers over 42 million and will grow to 900 million by 2025. The opportunities for retailers and other providers of goods and services to expand within this market are immense.

China’s 13th 5-Year Plan emphasizes health and aged care, infrastructure development and urbanization, a clean and green environment and liberalization of financial services. These areas represent many opportunities for foreign companies.


China is certainly vast and complex.  It has twice the landmass of the European Union, more than twice the population speaking three times as many languages and has about the same number of administrative regions (each with its own set of regulations and social customs).

To offer our clients the best in-depth expertise we focus our business facilitation activities exclusively on China and not on other Asian countries.  To succeed in China, you need to work with China specialists.


Unlike some Asia business consultants, we do not buy or sell for our own account to avoid any potential for conflict of interest with the business of our clients.


  • Developing your China Business Plan: Analyzing your capacities to achieve your goals in China (timelines, budget, personnel), exploring alternatives (buy in China, make in China, sell in China or invest in China) and means (Joint Venture, Rep Office, WFOE), channels, support.
  • Market Research: Initial research on market in selected regions of China or Market Entry Plan.
  • Business Missions to China: Sector-specific trade missions (aluminum, biotech, pharma, food products etc…), general China Business Discovery missions, client-specific missions for market entry or business development.
  • China travel and visa facilitation
  • Academic and scientific exchanges between Chinese and North American institutions
  • Outsourcing purchasing or manufacturing to China
  • Exporting to China, Selling and Distributing in China
  • Partner research and validation in China
  • Expat preparation: Training for employees and families being transferred to China. Re-entry help for returnees.
  • Quality control inspections, supplier monitoring, trouble-shooting with on-the-ground Chinese personnel.
  • Investment in China: Acquisitions, mergers or sales of companies
  • Attracting Chinese investors to North America
  • Business project management in China: Providing outsourced business resources for a low-cost presence in China (accounting, tax, registrations, government relations, legal, IP protection, logistics, personnel, etc…)
  • Recruitment: Executive search or staffing for China operations.
  • “Canada-China Bio/Pharma Bridge” : Accessing opportunities in Biotech and Pharma between China and North America