China Cultural Consultation

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Knowing how to successfully navigate Chinese culture is the key to success in relationships and business. Cultural understanding is far more important than understanding the language. Dragonbridge helps you navigate the culture in any situation.

  • Getting your communications right; with Chinese partners, employees or government personnel. This includes written, verbal and even non-verbal communication. Remember, in China Courtesy (as the Chinese define it – not necessarily how foreigners define it) is far more important than Clarity.
  • China Branding: Product or company Chinese name, colors, logo, publicity materials and media should respect and reflect what is positive for the Chinese. Making assumptions based on what works in a Western context has hurt many foreign companies, even multinationals doing business around the globe.
  • Translation: Business cards, contracts, brochures, websites. Our translators are Chinese nationals working in China so they are aware of all the nuances and implications of language that a native Chinese would detect.
  • Protocol and best practices for hosting Chinese partners and business delegations or for visits to China. We provide advice on business and social situations of all kinds (formal and informal business meetings, protocol for extending and accepting invitations, dining and social events, negotiations strategies and tactics, appropriate gift giving and receiving, etc…).
  • Consultation tailored to the needs of specific industries seeking to attract Chinese clients; hospitality industry (hotels, travel agencies, restaurants and attractions), real estate agents, accountants, lawyers, bankers, retailers, etc…
  • Helping our clients maintain key relationships by building trust and mutual understanding.