Non-Verbal Communications/Body Language Training

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We all know that the impression we make on other people is an important factor in the success of our relationships with them. Managing this impression involves more than choosing our words carefully.

Research on human perceptions shows that:


  • 55% of the impression we make on another person comes from non-verbal elements,
  • 38% from our way of speaking,
  • Only 7% of how someone sees us comes from what we say.
  • Body language can reveal a person’s confidence, personality, intelligence, economic status and social background
  • Learning body language basics; eye contact, smiles, hand positions and movements, body stance, personal space, gestures, touch
  • Interpreting non-verbal clues to someone’s state of mind
  • Managing your body language to strengthen your negotiating position
  • Understanding the way others receive information to produce the right reaction
  • Analyzing the other person’s decision-making style
  • Establishing rapport and improving your credibility
  • Conducting business and entertaining in other cultures with different body language norms.